Gordon Tyrall - Biography

Apart from a brief foray into the real world of work in the late 1970s, which I found not to be altogether to my liking, I have made my living playing music in the glorious world of acoustic folk music. I have been in and out of various bands and duos, but have been a solo performer most of the time - singer, guitarist and flute player.

Latest news is the release of my first full-length book, a memoir based around Whitby Folk Week called Around The Blooming Heather.


Farewell To Foggy Hills
Hill And Dale HD002 1978
CM001 1979
How Can I Live At The Top Of A Mountain?
CM016 1983
High Rock And Low Glen
Dab Hand CM025 1985
Not Far From Land
CM056 1990
The Bridge Flows
Punch Music PM001 1993
Clear The Road (Brian Peters And Gordon Tyrrall)
Harbourtown HARCD31 1996
Five Mile Chase. Flute
D.Mallinson DMP9603 1996
Banish Misfortune. Flute.
D.Mallinson DMP9604 1996
Fellside FECD110 1997
A Distance From The Town
Fellside FECD129 1998
The Miller's Jig: The Tunes Of Joshua Jackson - Magnetic North (Geoff Bowen,Robin Shepherd,Gordon Tyrrall)
YDWCD005 1998
So I've Heard
GAH02 2000
The Moving Moon (Brian Peters And Gordon Tyrrall)
GAH03. 2002
Drive Old Puss Away
GAH04 2004
Jackdaw Grooves
GAH05 2007
GAH06 2014