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     I have spent the first half of 2014 working on my Mumonkan album.There was a lot to do - not just writing and recording the music, but also doing the artwork and design, and drawing up the 20-page booklet.I have set an official release date, whatever that means, for late june, but review copies were sent out earlier and I was nervously looking forward to the verdicts of reviewers.fRoots, probably the highest-profile folk magazine at the moment, proved to be a good one, as have the others I have seen. I particularly enjoyed reading Raymond Greenoaken's comments in his review in Stirrings.
  The gigs I have had time to do, have in fact been very enjoyable - especially Pete Coe's Ryburn 3-Step club in Sowerby Bridge and the Bothy in Southport.
 Forthcoming are Grimsby folk club at the end of June,the Grove in Leeds,Stockton, and the Ilkley Literature Festival in October when I wil be doing a performance of the Mumonkan.
  So has nothing happened between 2014 and 2016? Well yes it has - the main things being my marriage on october the 10th, and Caroline's death five days later. Prior to that, I was doing my best to look after her as she became weaker from the cancer.We still managed to do many things in 2015, including a cycling tour of Suffolk in June and a long visit to Skye in July.Then there was Whitby folk week in late august where Caroline played music for the last time.