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  Folk singer and musician

Guitar,flute and electric cello


   My roots are in traditional english,irish and scottish music - it's what got me excited and led me to give up the old desk job in 1979 and opt for a more precarious existence as a musician.Now, although trad is still my first love, I write songs and music quite a lot now, and like to be fairly explorative and unconventional in my performances.The first time I stretched my wings a little bit was when I decided to work on the poetry and music of John Clare.Since then, maybe fifteen years ago, I have taken a swing at some of the sonnets of Shakespeare, a series of traditional japanese haiku, and written songs set in modern-day Leeds and Sheffield, but with a mystical context.



     Here's a couple of tracks I recorded recently. Cockleshells is an instrumental medley from the seventeenth century Playford collection.First is Cockleshells, then two old english 3/2 hornpipes - Dick's Maggot and The Cobbler's Hornpipe.

     The Old Garden Gate is just voice and guitar. Known in irish versions as P for Paddy, this is an english version,collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams around 1900.


   Contact        gordon.tyrrall@ntlworld.com

       Tel             0113 2256314





 Drawing by Tony Hall